10 Blogging Tips for Beginners

Want to start a blog, huh? Great idea! People say blogging is a mix of Science and Art. This may imply that there is no particular approach to blogging however, there’s an approach you will learn today to fast track the blogging process. A number of bloggers have tried to share their success stories and the dos’ and don's' in blogging. An outline of what you need to get started as a blogger is summarized below.

1. Choosing your blogging platform

I’ll take a leap and imagine you have identified your area of interest to blog about. WordPress would be an excellent start point as it offers a sound podium for your blog having the option of free web hosting. It’s currently one of the biggest platforms with options on how to design your blog, numerous plugins, and add-ons. Statistics indicate that there are more than 82 million active WordPress users. Other blogging platforms include Blogger and Tumblr. All three mentioned are free to host platforms and have restrictions when it comes to stuff like naming the blog.

2. Get ideas from your audience

Having blogs posts that answer your reader's requests can be so full filing a thing to your audience. They will always give you a clue of whatever it is they yearn for. A great way of doing this is through observing the comments and tweets from your followers.

3. Understand your fans

Knowing your audience better than they understand themselves may give you a picture of posts that will resonate well with them. You could do this by simply inquiring from your readers about the topics they would like you to handle or what to change from the current ones. These are meant to help you seal the gap between your content and the needs of your readers.

4. Have giveaways

People tend to be touched if they are given things that are so helpful to them without anything being asked in return. You can be sure they will love you and stay loyal. If you doubt this, maybe a survey by Incentivibe that confirmed giveaways increased subscriptions to their website by 125% will convince you.

5. Share your knowledge

Don’t be shy to share with your readers the “secret sauce” for fear of losing out. There is no secret in a world full of information on the internet. It will only earn you trust and respect if they get to learn a trick or two from you.

6. Give it some time

If you are seeking short-term returns from blogging, you are in the wrong business. Earning from blogging takes time; to have the right numbers regarding audience, to continuously improve the quality of your work, to assure your followers of consistency, and to prove how reliable you are.

7. Prioritize your email list

These are your most loyal clients who trusted you enough to want to be a part of your blogging all the time. They should be the first to get the latest content from you before venturing into the unknown. After all, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush, right?

8. Stay natural and flowing

The best way you get to be natural and have a beautiful flow of your work is to be yourself and blog about the things you love. Have catchy posts such as “5 incredibly easy ways to make money from garbage waste” or “Another side of working online no one tells you about.”

9. Keep it short and simple

Nobody wants to go through tons of pages of one piece of content. It not only gets annoying but also discouraging. Maintain the posts as short as possible with 2 – 5 minutes reading time.

10. Always finish your post with a call-to-action

Don’t leave the donkey work of finding your Facebook or Twitter account to your readers. Close your post with a call-to-action such as an email subscription or your Twitter account for a follow-up.

And that’s it! Go ahead and start your blogging success story. With all the above tips, you are more than ready to take off. Enjoy your new blog!