How to Be a Travel Blogger

Anyone can become a “blogger” either for monetary gains or fun. However, for you to want to be a professional blogger means you wish to make a living out of blogging. According to some bloggers, making cash blogging could be your biggest nightmare in case you need fast returns. The hard truth is that you will only make money out of blogging after acquiring a decent audience. Therefore, readers first, money later is a good start off mindset. To equip you with basics on how to successfully become a travel blogger, some points to note include:

1. Develop Creative Content

Writing content about your journey to your grandparents’ or uncles’ place will probably catch no one else’s’ attention other than them. However, for strangers to read your blog, you are going to have to do better than that. Craft content such as traveling budgets, best travel destinations, accommodation places with their costs, food recommendations, and beautiful flowing narratives with humor.

2. Engage in exciting things

It may sound obvious. But engaging content means REALLY engaging stuff. You have to write the kind of narrative that gets attention; interesting, challenging, and fascinating. Always make a point of including original work in your blogs from time to time. Avoid articles such as your drunken full moon party experience in Yemen, or how you carelessly got robbed by your one – night stand mistress while on a visit in Las Vegas. It only goes ahead to portray to your audience the kind of person you are, and honestly, not so pleasant a personality. Rather, choose topics such vacationing in the UK, shopping in Dubai, or even visiting experiencing the wildebeest migration in Kenya’s’ Maasai Mara.

3. Guest blogging

Writing guest blogs on popular sites will help market your brand by linking the readers back to your site. Initially, probably no one apart from your friends will know your blog. Guest blogging will not only get you an audience, but also build your credibility as a blogger. Although not all blogging sites allow guest blogging, most of them do, and it’s upon you to find out before submitting your post.

4. Stay active on social media

Create regular posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among other sites at least 1 – 2 posts daily. Keep your social media fans gazing for more stuff from you and always share links directing to your blog. Always be social on social media. Response to comments must be timely and friendly. Never keep the readers waiting, they always scroll down to other posts.

5. Famous press features

Make a point of being your number one supporter and fan. Market your product available in major media features to reach as many people as possible. Some of the great platforms that have helped bloggers grow include Mashable and The Weather Channel. To feature in such sites, always produce high quality and well-researched content.

6. Master the Art of SEO

Search Engine Optimization will enable your posts to be featured among the first results when searched on the internet. Less than 10% of internet researchers go beyond page one of the search engine results. Therefore, if you didn’t optimize your content, nobody might ever see it.

7. Have a mailing list

One of the most important things for successful blogging is a mailing list. Email list subscribers are your loyal fans, and they are to be given priority on any postings. Always have an email subscription option in your blog since it is more personal and tends to be taken more seriously by your readers. As stated earlier, the recipe to successful blogging is offering something fresh, engaging, and well-researched with verifiable facts.

For you to be a true professional blogger you will need proper training and guidance. Having a mentor is also key to your success. It is quite difficult to be good in anything without training. Some of the training programs for travel blogging can be found on Travel Blog Success and Superstar Blogging. Happy blogging!